Pick A Book Limited is a company registered & operating in Nairobi, Kenya under the companies act 2015 of the Laws of Kenya. Our core activity is the supply of educational materials, including school textbooks (for National and International Curriculums), stationery supplies & laboratory equipment to professionals, schools, colleges, universities, international organizations and non-government organizations countrywide as we strive to go across borders into neighboring countries in the coming years.

In today’s digital age, finding learning resources has become easier than ever before with Pick A Book Ltd. As the first and only bookstore aggregator in Kenya, you can now access a vast collection of books (from different authors and publishers both nationally and internationally) all in one place. We act as a one-stop-shop, providing an extensive selection of books to choose from and the most competitive price. All this plus the convenience of doorstep delivery in record time!


  1. We compile books from various publishers and bookstores/wholesalers and make them available in one package. We provide you with a wide range of options to choose from, including different genres, authors, and publishers as well as manufacturers. We work by partnering with publishers, bookstores and manufacturers to access their catalog of books and stationery products and making them available to you wherever you are located.
  2. Cost-effective: We offer lower prices than the physical counterparts.
  3. Accessibility: We are accessible from all over the world. This means that customers can access books that may not be available in their local bookstores.
  4. We are reliable and efficient.

In a nutshell, we at Pick A Book have revolutionized the access to books. We provide a convenient, cost-effective, and personalized way of accessing a vast collection of books.


Now that educational content can reach everyone via the world wide web and improved access to the internet, we at Pick A Book Kenya are seeing it as a development playground where there is a precious benefit beyond an article, a lesson, a movie, or a video game. Everyone has an innate interest in learning a new skill, developing their career, or even the most fundamental capabilities to read, write, do the math, and understand science. Our online marketplace has valuable benefits of content, because, in general, we give customers immediate gratification and better self-improvement.

When you complete or even create a lesson or a course, you know that you have added a lot to yourself intellectually, and that creates emotion and personal gratification that – eventually -reinforces our true objectives at Pick A Book Kenya. Our Solution is created to develop an educational experience and provide professional development for professionals to be the best in engaging the 21st-century learning world. While limited in their logistic or geographic marketplace, they can excel and adapt the latest instructional learning material, from theoretical into practical deliverables within high-quality educational content.

The opportunity is now for us to leverage the market expansion and become the leader in this field. To accomplish this, additional marketing and sales presence will be provided, and alternative distribution models will be utilized. We will include our best workforces, talents, and specialists’ integration and incorporate our best methods to elevate clients’ needs and serve them in the best way.

Yours truly,

George K. Kibochi 


To help publishers, information providers, authors, and enterprise marketers grow revenue, optimize performance and thrive in a fast-changing global digital market whilst giving our customers the best experience by way of convenience and secure online shopping. We advance the business of information as a company “that works” – for each other, our clients, our stakeholders, and our community.


We deliver and delight, create a “wow” experience, and achieve a win-win situation through:

Integrity; We are honest, ethical, and direct in all of our dealings.

Service; We are client-centered, good listeners, easy to do business with, and focused on high-touch relationships.

Results; We are committed to helping our clients achieve high-quality, actionable results.

Influence; We are a trusted advisor and unbiased thought leader.

Innovation and creativity; We are can-do, agile, and embrace change.

Accountability; We say what we’ll do, do what we say, and do the right thing.

Teamwork; We collaborate with our clients and each other.

Fun, freedom, and family; We get the job done in a way that works for our clients, our colleagues, and each of us.

Renewing; We are always learning and improving.

Commitment; We are stewards of what we stand for, focused on running a financially healthy business while being active citizens in the world.


Pick A Book’s executive management team is comprised of tenured and widely respected industry professionals who possess diverse backgrounds not only in Information technology and Education, but also consultancy, finance, human resources, law, multimedia, and graphic design. Our management is responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day operations of the company. Covering all aspects of operations, sales, management, and finance, the team works together to ensure the continued success of Pick A Book Limited.

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