General Certificate English 4th Edition by Alan Etherton


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Part 1 Summary: summaries in daily life; what the examiners say; summary – practice passage 1; making notes – practice passage 2; extracting information – practice passage 3; practice passage 4; practice passage 5; making a summary of letters – 1; making a summary of letters – 2; practice passage 6; practice passage 7; practice passage 8. Part 2 Comprehension, summary and directed writing: figurative language; answering vocabulary questions; obstacles to understanding; practice passage 1; practice passage 2A; practice passages 2B and 2C; practice passage 3; types of comprehension questions; practice passage 4; aids to better comprehension; practice passage 5; practice passage 6; practice passage 7; practice passage 8; practice passages 9 and 10; practice passage 11; practice passage 12; practice passage 13; practice passage 14; practice passage 15; practice passage 16; practice passage 17; understanding situations. Part 3 Communication in writing – composition: communication in writing; composition – basic points; composition – making a plan; starting a composition; paragraphing and developing ideas; finishing a composition; what kind of English shall I use?; further practice with basic skills; factual composition; descriptive composition; argumentative (or controversial) topics; narrative composition; situational composition (using given data); friendly and social letters; applying for a job; business letters; reports; talking and writing about pictures. Part 4 Vocabulary development: words in context; antonyms, synonyms and homonyms; pairs of words; phrasal verbs; prefixes and meaning; problem words and correct usage – 1; problem words and correct usage – 2; idioms and common expressions; common errors. Part 5 Language practice: word formation and parts of speech; adjectives; agreement; articles; cloze passages; comparison; conditionals and “if”; connectives; future action; gerunds; indirect (reported) speech; indirect (reported) questions; infinitives; participles; prepositions; pronouns; punctuation; spelling; verbs – present tenses; verbs -past tenses. Part 6 Oral English: practice 1; practice 2; practice 3; practice 4; practice 5; practice 6; practice 7; practice 8; composition topics.

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