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  • African Bible (Paulines)

    African Bible (Paulines)

  • All things are working for your Good BKMG by Joel Osteen

    by Joel Osteen
    The same God who leads us to green pastures guides us through the valleys.
    #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen shares how all things are working for your good. All of us will go through times that we don’t understand: a difficulty with a friend, an unfair situation at work, a financial setback, an unexpected illness, a divorce, or the loss of a loved one. Those types of experiences are part of the human journey. But when we find ourselves in such a place, it’s important that we keep a positive perspective. Joel Osteen writes that if we stay in faith and keep a good attitude when we go through challenges, we will not only grow, but we will see how all things work together for our good. Through practical applications and scriptural insight, ALL THINGS ARE WORKING FOR YOUR GOOD focuses on how to draw closer to God and trust Him when life doesn’t make sense.

    If we will go through the valleys trusting, believing, and knowing that God is still in control, we will come to the table that is already prepared for us, where our cup runs over.

  • An illustrated History of Islamic Architecture by Carey

    by Carey
    A fascinating survey of the glorious architectural achievements of the Islamic world, including mosques, giblas, madrasas, memorials for the dead, bazaars, buildings, courtyards and fortified walls. Features all the most outstanding examples of Islamic architecture, such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the Great Mosque in Damascus, the many richly decorated desert palaces, the Taj Mahal at Agra, Topkapi Palace at Istanbul, and today’s modern Dubai skyscrapers

  • Battlefield of the Mind (Hachette) by Joyce Meyer

    by Joyce Meyer
    Your mind is the battlefield.
    Worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation: all these are attacks on the mind. In her most popular bestseller ever, beloved author and minister
    Joyce Meyer shows you how to change your life by changing your mind. She teaches you how to deal with the thousands of thoughts you have every day and focus your mind to think the way God thinks. And she shares the trials, tragedies and ultimate victories from her own marriage, family and ministry that led her to wondrous, life-transforming truth – and reveals her thoughts and feelings along the way.
    Now it’s your turn to:
    * Gain control over your mind and find freedom and peace
    * Recognise damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life
    * Be patient with yourself even when you make mistakes
    * Arm yourself with the Word of God, praise, prayer and other powerful spiritual weapons
    * Follow the light out of your mental ‘wilderness’ and find undreamed-of happiness and fulfilment.
    Don’t surrender to misery another day.
    Find out today how to guarantee your victory in your

  • Becoming a Leader by Myles Munroe

    by Myles Munroe
    In this workbook companion to Becoming a Leader, you will gain a deeper understanding of how you were created to be a leader in your unique sphere of influence. Discover life-changing truths for personal application as you explore the book’s themes and answer thought-provoking questions. Designed for either individual or group study, this guide will help you to… Dig deeper into proven principles of leadership. Expand your knowledge of leadership qualities. Enrich your understanding of biblical truths. Apply the material to your particular life circumstances. Fulfill your true purpose and potential as a leader. As you progress through the time-tested truths and principles in this workbook, your life will be transformed as you become the leader you were always meant to be.

  • Beyond the Vows by Macharia, WordAlive

    by Macharia, WordAlive
    This book discusses the key aspects of human relationships, drawing on scientific knowledge about personality, sexuality, temperaments and communications techniques. It is much more than an instruction manual—it is the guide to a successful married life. It can be used as a personal reference or as a pastoral and counseling tool.

  • Biblia Habari Njema kwa Watu wote

    Biblia Habari Njema kwa Watu wote

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Christian Teen talk … by Canfield,Hansen

    by Canfield, Hansen
    You care about your connection and relationship with God, but you are also experiencing all the ups and downs of teenage life. These 101 stories from the Chicken Soup library are written by teens who share their own experiences growing up as a Christian teen.
    You will be supported and inspired by these heartfelt true stones, as teens like you use their faith to help them navigate their teenage years. Read about love, compassion, loss, forgiveness, friends, school, and tough issues such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and divorce.

  • Confident Woman (Hachette) by Joyce Meyer

    by Joyce Meyer
    ‘There is a wonderful plan for your life. You can hold your head up high and be filled with confidence about yourself and your future. You can be bold and step out to do new things – even things no man or woman has done before. You have what it takes!’THE CONFIDENT WOMAN will enable you to live with purpose and fulfil your true potential. Joyce Meyer’s Number One New York Times bestselling book: Gives you the keys to living a life of confidence and independence Shows why you can live without fear Helps you overcome the barriers of the world’s false expectations and the emotional damage of abuse Identifies the ‘Seven Secrets of a Confident Woman’Joyce writes with the benefit of over three decades ministering to women. The message in this book is based on her personal journey from insecurity and self-hatred – caused by childhood abuse – to a life characterised by inspiring confidence and realising her full potential.

  • Confident Woman (Small) BKMG by Joyce Meyer

    by Joyce Meyer
    Our society has an epidemic of insecure people in it. This problem causes great difficulty in relationships and is one of the reasons divorce is so prevalent today. I have learned a Jot on my journey about what “true confidence” is and it will be my great delight to share with you anything I know that can help you be the woman God intends you to be. His desire is that you be bold, courageous, confident, respected, admired, promoted, sought after, and most of all loved. God has a wonderful plan for your life and I pray that reading this book will help you enter it more fully than ever before. You can hold your head up high and be filled with confidence _ about yourself and your future. You can be bold and step out to do new things, even things no man or woman has ever done before. You have what it takes!

  • Conquering an Enemy called Average

    Bestselling author John Mason again launches an all-out attack on mediocrity with this sequel to his phenomenally popular book An Enemy Called Average. Divided into fifty-two “nuggets” of truth, Conquering An Enemy Called Average is a source of godly wisdom, scriptural motivation and practical principles.

  • Divine Revelation of Hell by Baxter

    by Baxter
    Over a period of forty days, God gave Mary K. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to tell all to choose life. Here is an account of the place and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. It is a reminder of the need each of us has for the miracle of salvation.

  • DK-The Bible book by DK

    by DK
    How does God speak through prophecy? What does the Parable of the Vineyard teach? What is the significance of the Transfiguration? Examining the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, this book explores and analyses the key stories, events, and teachings in one of the world’s most important religious texts.
    Written in plain English, The Bible Book is filled with important quotations from the scriptures and features bold graphics that detail the core ideas, recurring themes, and key figures of the Old and New Testaments, making it the perfect guide for anyone with an interest in Christianity, or religion in general.
    Whether you are a Bible scholar o1 want to expand your theological knowledge, you’ll find plenty to engage and inspire you in this book.

  • Embraced by God by Mason

    by Mason
    Have you ever wondered, °Does God really love me? Do I really matter to Him? Rest assured that each and every question you have is of great concern to God. He is not far away or unconcerned. He has nor forgotten about you. He is concerned about what’s going on in your life, and He is as close…to you as your very next breath. He loves you. Asa matter of fact, God loves you just as much as He loves HiS’ovmSon, In the pages of this heartwarming, thoughtful. and life-affirming 21-day journey, award-winning gospel singer. songwriter, and teacher Babbie Mason reminds you, when you !mow you are loved by God and that you are in His eternal plan, you’ll never again wonder if your life matters. You can start off heading in the wrong direction and still end up in the right place because you are embraced by God!,
    “Here’s wharf love about Embraced by God ifs as warm and caring as biblical and wise, as Babble Mason herself Filled with passion and compassion, filled with memorable stories and lyrical lessons, Babble’s devotional invites you to spend twenty-one days basking in the truth of yod’s love for you, A splendid new resource from a gifted sister”
    — LIZ CURTIS HIGGS, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible
    “if you want to enjoy the peace of knowing everything is all right’ because of who God thinks you are, then read … Embraced by God.”
    —JAN SILVIOUS, speaker. life coach. author, Big girls don’t Whine and Same Life New Story
    `Are you longing for the truth of God’s love and tenderness for you? Read this book! Bobbie Mason has authentically passionately, purposefully and powerfully written words of healthy for you!”
    —DR. THELMA WELLS, President – A Woman of God Ministries

  • ESV Global Study Bible (Hardcover)

    Equipping the Global Church through God’s Word
    The ESV Global Study Bible is a one-volume study resource for globally minded Christians everywhere. Adapted from the ESV Study Bible, it contains new, specially prepared content. The global message of each Bible book outlines major biblical themes and explores them in an international context. Likewise, articles by global Christian leaders apply the Bible to global issues, such as the role of government, the nature of the church, world religions, social ethics, and missions and evangelism.
    Primary Features
    * 12,000 concise study notes.
    * The global message of each Bible book.
    * 14 articles written by global Christian leaders.
    * Introductions and timelines for each Bible book.
    * More than 120 maps and illustrations.

  • Exceptional you: 7 Ways to live encouraged (BKMG) by Victoria Osteen

    by Victoria Osteen
    “I would not be half the man I am today if not for Victoria’s constant encouragement and countless words of faith she has spoken into my life. She is truly an extraordinary person who understands what it means to live an exceptional life.

    In this book, she will show you how to tap into your God-given gifts and talents, discover your true greatness, and live happier and more fulfilled than you’ve ever been.”

  • Fatherhood Principle by Myles Munroe

    by Myles Munroe
    Fatherhood means more than just the biological production of children. Married or single—with or without children—man is designed by God to reflect His nature in the lives of those around him. But knowing how to live out God’s original blueprint for men is not automatic.
    In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe insightfully provides practical guidelines to help men master the skills of fatherhood and develop the qualities of leadership by showing how to:
    * Be the solid foundation of your family
    * Develop the potential and gifts of children
    * Learn what a father really is—and does
    * Discover your life’s vision
    * Identify the five vital purposes of the male

  • God: A Human history of religion by Reza Aslan

    by Reza Aslan
    Throughout human history, we have attempted to find reason and meaning in the world around us. In the search for understanding, our early ancestors developed belief systems. They conceived of the soul and the afterlife, buried their dead, performed rituals, made sacrifices and worshipped spirits and gods. Indeed, this. expression of faith is so prevalent throughout history that it suggests it is inherent in our human nature.
    The story of how these primitive beliefs arose, developed and gave rise to the religions and gods of the world is, in many ways, the story of us — of our spiritual and cultural evolution, of our civilization. So what can our gods tell us about ourselves?
    Bold, wide-ranging and provocative, God: A Human History of Religion challenges our understanding of religion and the origins of belief. Whether you believe in one God or many gods or no god at all, this book will transform the way you think about the role of religion in human history and your own existence.

  • Golden Bells 2nd Edition 2014 by Scripture Union of Kenya

    by Scripture Union of Kenya
    Working with churches, Scripture Union of Kenya aims to make God’s word known to children, young people and families, and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer.
    To see children and young people following Jesus Christ, filled with hope and transforming their families and communities in Kenya.
    We exist to nurture children and youth, strengthen family life and help people engage with God through the Bible.

  • Grace of Giving: Growing in Faith, Integrity

    Growing in Faith, Integrity and Community.
    Oliver Kisaka Simiyu retired of January 2015 after serving as Deputy General Secretary of National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) for twelve years. Before then, he served With FOCUS Kenya in various capacities. Serving in FOCUS and NCCK exposed him to the full range of experiences that Christians in training and Christians in Churches go through. , He holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics and Physics from Kenyatta University, various intermediary theological courses, a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from NEGST and has a PhD from the Middlesex University UK, through the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Oliver has served on the boards of the Africa Institute of.. Contemporary Mission and Research, Uflingamano House, the Kenya Integrity Forum, the National Ethics Taskforce, the Uraia National Civic Education Programme and Co-ordinated activities of the Inter-Religious Forum. He is married to Lynette Kisaka and they have two grown daughters. Oliver and his family are Quakers of the Friends Church in Kenya and members of Friends Centre, Maringo.

  • Holy Bible golden Jubilee edition ESV

    Holy Bible golden Jubilee edition ESV

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