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  • A Little Course in Knitting by DK

    by DK
    This title takes you from complete beginner to being able to make over 30 beautiful projects. Start simple with cushions and scarves, build on your skills with mittens and coasters and show off with hot water bottle covers and blankets. The step-by-step pictures show you what other courses only tell you and the practice projects keep you on the right track.

  • African art close-up by Spring

    by Spring
    Featuring a rich array of magnificent artworks from the British Museum and beyond, the book showcases some of the most exquisite works of wood, stone, ceramics, beadwork, textiles and metalwork from Africa – from the Mediterranean coast to the Cape and from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Beginning with an introduction to the very nature of African art, each of the artworks is then explored within its wider cultural and historical context, with chapters relating to contemporary art, masquerade, specific materials such as cloth, precious metals, wood and iron, gender, tools, and arms and armour . Close – up views of individual details will allow the reader to see these pieces in a new way, while the author points out unexpected juxtapositions across a wide range of cultures, periods and media. Presenting a spectacular view of African art, this stunning book also offers tremendous insight into African culture.

  • African Textile Patterns by Carpenter

    by Carpenter
    This stunning collection of African textile prints has been carefully selected from a range of traditional and contemporary patterns. From exuberant and colourful patterns to elegant, flowing designs, this book celebrates the vibrancy and variation of African textile prints. The introduction helpfully explains the significance of the patterns, the textiles market and the current popularity of African textiles in fashion and interiors.

  • Beauty Basics: Official Guide to Lv1 3ED by Nordmann, Cengage Learni…

    by Nordmann, Cengage Learning
    Lorraine Nordmann’s leading textbook, Beauty Basics: The Official Guide to Level 1 has been fully revised to provide everything today’s beginner. Beauty Therapist requires to pass their Level 1 qualification. Written in Nordmann’s trademark engaging and down-to-earth style, this well-trusted book will appeal to a whole new generation of beauty students by equipping learners with everything they need to gain their qualification and provide a handy reference throughout their career. In addition to being endorsed by VTCT, this is the only official guide for Beauty Therapy at Level 1 endorsed by Habia and is a must for any Beauty Therapy student. This book is suitable for all beginners studying Beauty Therapy at Level 1 with all awarding association, including VTCT, City & Guilds, ITEC and other providers. This new edition is also available with CourseMate online teaching and learning resource, which offers engaging and interactive resources such as an integrated eBook, videos, step-by-step, images, activities and games, all aligned to the content of the textbook for a fully integrated learning experience.

  • Crotchet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide by DK

    by DK
    Granny squares to gorgeous garments- a mix of classic and modern crochet projects

    Crochet is the go-to crochet compendium, with more than 80 crochet projects, from simple flower blankets to crocheted baby bonnets and chunky scarves.

    Crochet uses step-by-step techniques and photography to cover basic stitches, such as chain stitches and treble crochet, and includes helpful practice projects to build your confidence, before embarking on more adventurous and impressive crochet patterns. Beginner crocheters are clearly led through every stitch or if you are already familiar with knitting and other crafts you can pick up a great new skill quickly to create beautiful crochet projects, such as cute gifts, things to wear and items for the home.

    Crochet is the perfect guide for crocheters of all levels of ability.

  • Cutting Book: the Official guide to Cutting by Goldsbro, White, Cengage…

    by Goldsbro, White, Cengage Learning
    The Cutting Book is the ultimate resource for all trainee hairdressers, covering everything you need to know about cutting hair at levels 2 and 3. Beginning with the philosophy of hair cutting and how it has developed over time to give us today’s looks and styles, The Cutting Book will not only help you to learn how to successfully and confidently cut hair but will also help you to really get to grips with how hair behaves when cut. A full range of cutting methods are covered, to give you the technical know-how you need to visualize and create a desired end look from classic, current and emerging fashions. Packed full of easy to follow step-by-step photographs, the theory and cutting of Caucasian, Asian, African-Caribbean, male and female hair at levels 2 and 3 is all fully explained, with each style illustrated by a fantastic end result photograph for you to show to your clients. And that’s not all! The Cutting Book CD-ROM included really brings cutting to life, allowing you to find out more about key styles and techniques with animations, video demonstrations and interactive exercises for you to complete and use to test your own progress. This unique book and CD combination, which is made in association with the L’Oreal Professionnel Portfolio of artistic hairdressers, is a necessity for any aspiring hairdresser who wishes to reach the top of this dynamic and rewarding industry.

  • DK-A Little Course in Sewing by DK

    by DK
    Simply all you need to know to learn to sew

    Keen to take up sewing but don’t know where to start? This clear, concise guide shows you what other sewing books only tell you. The ideal sewing book for beginners, it takes you through the basics, from threading a needle to hand-stitching and embroidery. Then, as you build confidence and skills, you’ll master more advanced techniques, from machine-stitching a straight seam, to pockets, zips, and patchwork.??At each stage, you’ll find chic sewing projects so you can practise what you’ve learned: start simple with lavender hearts and a ladybird pin cushion; build up to a tote bag and cheery bunting; then showcase your skills with a zipped purse and the perfect child’s skirt.

    Packed with clear, step-by-step photos and instructions, expert tips and advice, plus help when things go wrong, A Little Course in Sewing will soon have you hooked on this creative, captivating craft.

  • DK-Big Book of Knitting by DK

    by DK
    Ever find yourself coveting a fabulous knit scarf but don’t think you could ever make it yourself? If so, the Big Book of Knitting is set to be your new favourite companion. Packed with over 100 projects fit for the whole family, you’ll be sure to find lots of stylish items you’d like to make.

    Perfect for beginners, with step by step instructions and close-up photos. It includes information on basic equipment, mastering techniques, key knitting stitches, and advice on how to follow patterns. Friendly to the more seasoned knitter, so you can take your pick from the comprehensive range of scarves, hats and other essentials or find inspiration for new ideas like throws, cushions, and adorable toys.

    Whether you have just started knitting or are already experienced and want stylish new patterns, the Big Book of Knitting, is the essential book for anyone interested in knitting.

  • DK-Craft techniques & Projects by DK

    by DK
    From textile crafts to beadwork and soap making to glass work, ‘Craft’ is crammed with over 50 inspiring projects and over 300 techniques for crafters of all abilities. Follow step-by-step photographs, simple text and advice on the tools and materials you need to create your own beautiful objects.

  • DK-Dressmaking: The Complete step-by-step guide

    This title provides all the know-how you need to create your own wardrobe. Dressmaking gives you all the tools you need to make, alter and customise your own clothes, from choosing the right fabrics to key techniques such as hemming and hand stitching. You can create a complete wardrobe with 12 basic scalable patterns and step-by-step instructions for classic items such as pencil skirts, dresses and jackets plus how to customise them to make them your own so you can make 30 garments in total. Dressmaking is packed with essential advice, inspiration and the patterns you need to create beautiful clothes making this superb value and the dressmaking bible no seamstress can be without.

  • Dress Pattern Designing by Natalie Bray

    by Natalie Bray
    The techniques Natalie Bray pioneered and perfected revolutionised dress pattern designing, assisting the rise of the modern fashion industry. Her teaching has had a profound influence on design, production and education and her works are classics: fashions change but the principles of designing patterns in the flat do not.This book – the most popular of Natalie Bray’s three works – covers the basic course and includes measurement and block patterns, circular patterns, simple pattern designing, yokes, dart manipulation, sleeves, collars and necklines, skirts, and the one-piece dress foundation.

  • Foundations of Beauty Therapy NVQ 2 6ED by Nordmann, Cengage Learni…

    by Nordmann, Cengage Learning
    Lorraine Nordmann’s leading textbook, Beauty Therapy: The Foundations has been fully revised to reflect the latest standards and trends in NVQ Beauty Therapy at Level 2. This textbook continues to be the only Official Guide to Level 2 Beauty Therapy fully endorsed by Habia and matching the National Occupational Standards.Now in its sixth edition Lorraine’s much loved, easy-to-follow text has been polished to perfection! Each chapter has been streamlined and standardised to provide consistently clear and comprehensive information. All new learning objectives and chapter introductions provide key starting points for students to follow.A completely new and exciting design and layout provides clean presentation and a user-friendly format with eye-catching features and high quality images. This revised edition also boasts new step-by-step photography, new Industry Expert role models and an updated glossary.This authoritative guide will encourage and inspire trainee beauty therapists towards a rewarding career.This book is suitable for those studying for NVQ Level 2 qualifications with all awarding associations, including VTCT, City & Guilds, ITEC and other providers. It has been developed to equip learners with everything they need to gain their qualification and provide a handy reference throughout their career.

  • Foundations of Beauty Therapy VRQ 2 6ED by Nordmann, Cengage Learni…

    by Nordmann, Cengage Learning
    Lorraine Nordmann’s leading textbook, Beauty Therapy: The Foundations 2nd edition has been fully revised to reflect VRQ Beauty Therapy at Level 2, with content specifically mapped to VRQ learning outcomes and range statements throughout. This textbook continues to be the only Official Guide to Level 2 Beauty Therapy fully endorsed by Habia while matching the recently updated National Occupational Standards. Maintaining a clear presentation and user-friendly format, this revised edition boasts new photography, new assessment questions, a revised glossary and four new chapters, with contributions from bestselling author of The Complete Nail Technician Marian Newman. This authoritative guide will encourage and inspire trainee beauty therapists towards a rewarding career.This book is suitable for those studying for VRQ Level 2 qualifications with all awarding associations, including VTCT, City & Guilds, ITEC and other providers. It has been developed to equip learners with everything they need to gain their qualification and provide a handy reference throughout their career.

  • Hairdressing The Interactive Textbook Level3 NVQ/SVQ/VRQ by Routledge

    by Routledge
    For Level 3 Hairdressing students on NVQ, SVQ and VRQ courses.

    A genuinely new and innovative way for students to study hairdressing, this new textbook is supported with extensive multimedia material and activities at no extra cost. Some books include a few videos and basic materials, but this title comes with over 150 free online resources and activity screens with which to improve learning. Online questions are also included as well as links to other resources such as images, animations and videos. The elearning resources are included in every chapter to complement the textbook content and will help students from the start of their qualification until they pass their final exams.

  • Innovator Fashion design and Sketching for Artisan Lv1 by Dorothy Tawa

    by Dorothy Tawa
    The Innovator is a series of technical books written by KLB which are designed to provide a hands-on approach to training to enable users of the series to learn by doing which is key to modem day learning. The books are meant to support the teaching and training of trainees on how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs.
    Fashion design and sketching for Artisan Level 1 has been developed so as to help the instructors harmonize teaching in vocational training institutions in Kenya. The book equips the instructor with a systematic approach to skills dissemination at all stages of training and guides them in the mode of delivery. The book can be used by instructors and learners. It is a very useful tool for all levels for the learners in vocational training institutions.
    The title is written by an experienced team of trainers and practitioners.

  • Metric Handbook Planning and Design Data 4E by Littlefield

    by Littlefield
    The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design data for architects and architecture students. Covering basic design data for all the major building types it is the ideal starting point for any project. For each building type, the book gives the basic design requirements and all the principal dimensional data, and succinct guidance on how to use the information and what regulations the designer needs to be aware of.As well as buildings the Metric Handbook deals with broader aspects of design such as materials, acoustics and lighting, and general design data on human dimensions and space requirements. The Metric Handbook really is the unique reference for solving everyday planning problems.

  • Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear by Winifred Aldrich

    by Winifred Aldrich
    Metric Pattern Cutting for Women′s Wear was first published in 1975 to provide a straightforward introductory book for students beginning courses in flat pattern cutting. The fifth edition continues to offer an introduction to the principles of pattern cutting, with a range of good basic blocks and examples of their application to garments. However, the great expansion of casual wear, cut in jersey or stretch fabrics, has led to the growth of ′flat cutting′ with no darting to create the shape and this edition devotes a whole section to this type of cutting. The sections on computer–aided design and grading have been updated. The size charts of body measurements have been revised, reflecting the changing shape of women′s bodies.

  • Official Guide to Foundation in Hair and Beauty

    Guide to Foundation Hair & Beauty’ covers the core elements of hair and beauty. The text also includes self assessments, so the learner can test their knowledge as they progress through the course.

  • Pattern Cutting For Women’s Tailored Jackets: Classic and … by Blackwell

    by Blackwell
    The term ‘tailored’ has changed as methods of manufacture and there tailing of clothes have evolved. This book demonstrates the wide range of cutting methods used to produce garments which are described as ‘tailored’ jackets. Although the main focus is on modern methods of producing clothing, a rich and complex cutting tradition is acknowledged and used. It is hoped that the modern garment designer will be inspired to rediscover methods that retain their validity today.
    The different approaches to ‘tailored’ cutting are described under three headings: bespoke cutting, engineered cutting and style cutting. The rich heritage of the latter came from the tremendous creativity that was unleashed by women’s emancipation at the beginning of the twentieth century and the merging of tailored styles with fashionable clothing. The section on style cutting has therefore derived some of the cutting techniques from that period,thus demonstrating how they can be applied to current methods of production.

  • Professional Hairdressing & Barbering 3 7ED by Cengage

    by Cengage
    Completely revised to map to the recently-updated Professional Hairdressing and Barbering Level 3 National Occupational Standards, this new edition of Martin Green’s bestselling textbook is the only book needed to successfully complete a Hairdressing or Barbering Level 3 NVQ qualification. This is the only Level 3 guide to be endorsed by both Habia and VTCT and is trusted by students and trainers. This book is suitable for those studying for NVQ Level 3 qualifications with all awarding associations, including VTCT, City & Guilds, ITEC and other providers. It has been developed to equip learners with everything they need to gain their qualification and provide a handy reference throughout their career.

  • Resorts Management and Operation 2ED by Robert Christie Mill

    by Robert Christie Mill
    In recent years, the definition of “resort” has expanded to include any facility that provides recreation and entertainment in combination with lodging. Revised and updated for these changes, Resorts: Management and Operation, Second Edition covers both new trends, like the increasing popularity of timeshares and cruise ships, and tried-and-true businesses like ski areas, golf resorts, spas, and casinos. The book provides a comprehensive look at how today’s industry classifies, develops, markets, and manages these various properties.
    In addition to covering new growth areas in the resort field, this Second Edition also features a wide range of resources for learning, including:

  • Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy J.S Langdon

    by Nancy J.S Langdon
    This is a book of colorful and imaginative children’s clothes to sew, designed with kids in mind. The authors are designers and owners of two popular pattern companies for kid’s clothes–Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum, known in the sewing community for their creativity, versatility, and fit. This collection of exclusive patterns, included with the book, offers step-by-step instruction for making boys’ and girls’ clothing with a variety of fabric styles and decorative embellishment–including embroidery, patchwork, and trims. The patterns for pants, tops, skirts, and dresses include variations for long and short hemlines and sleeves, various necklines, and adjustable lengths.

  • Ultimate guide to Baby knits (Igloo) by Igloo

    by Igloo
    This step-by-step book contains over 30 beautiful projects, from clothes and accessories to toys, for both boys and girls. If you’re a knit fanatic looking for new and exciting challenges or a knit novice, this guide is perfect for any level of ability and is sure to inspire the creative knitter in you.

  • Woodturning Spindle Projects

    This stunning book is full of practical advice for the keen amateur woodturner. The first section covers all aspects of the turning workshop – from tools and equipment required, to finishing techniques, safety and choosing wood – while the second section features 18 diverse and hugely desirable projects for the home. Each project is illustrated by an inspirational photograph of the finished item and is accompanied by numerous explanatory photographs and clear and concise step-by-step text that is written in an easy and accessible style – a down-to-earth approach that will enable the enthusiastic beginner or medium-skilled woodurner to tackle the projects with great confidence.

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